Due to the environmental sensitivity of some regions to be travelled and the impact of vehicles and persons on such, we recommend a maximum convoy size of 4 vehicles while on safari.


To allow full individual attention and high standards of service by our guides and other service providers to our clients, we also recommend a maximum complement of 8 clients per safari.



Photo Zebras

Burchell's Zebras | photo: B. Baron

Safaris & Tours

Fully Guided

Catering to your wishes! Travelling with one of our proficient guides ensures personal attention and allows maximum leisure and comfort for you to enjoy your visit. Sit back and relax.

Guided Self-Drive

Enjoy the freedom of self-driving a hired vehicle, securily guided by one of our professionals. The experienced tour guide leads you with a fully equipped vehicle, taking care en-route.

Fully Booked Self-Drive

We assist you with your travel plans, organize your equipment and vehicle and make and confirm all reservations. On arrival all is ready for you to set off on your journey!

Fully Guided SafariGuided Self-Drive SafariFully Booked Self-Drive Safari

These safaris are designed to offer you the opportunity to experience some of the diverse cultures, fauna, flora, landscapes and climates in our region of southern Africa.

Length of stay and itineraries of safaris are based on long term experience in the safari industry of Namibia and allow extensive travel distances and a maximum of impressions, combined with a fair amount of leisure periods.

Recommended duration of visit for our tailor-made safaris is 10 to 21 days or longer. Shorter safari programs are available.