Luxury accommodation on a tailor made safari

Experience Namibia in true luxury.

Tailor Made Luxury Safari

The red sands of the semi-arid Kalahari savannah.
The rocky Nama-Karoo Desert with the awesome Fish River Canyon
The 'mountainous' sand dunes of the old Namib Desert.
The bizarre mountain landscape of the Damaraland in the Pro-Namib.

Marvel at the wonder of adapted flora and fauna in these harsh environments. Enhance your tour with a nature drive and wild life observations through the endless plains of the animal kingdom of the Etosha National Park.

Namib Hoodia Fish River Canyon Springbok

Enjoy the absolute comfort, outstanding service and delicious cuisine at some unique and exclusive accommodation facilities. Candle-light dinner in the desert under the starry canopy of the spectacular and endless Milky Way.

Experience the exhilarating birds-eye view of the desert sand sea during a balloon flight over the Namib.

Fly along the Skeleton Coast to the Angola frontier and vist the proud Himba nomadic culture.

Drive in safe comfort with high class and quality vehicles, that are very suitable for all our different road conditions. AFRICA IN STYLE!