Burchell's Zebra

Equus Burchelli

Also known as Plains Zebra


Built like of a horse with black stripes on white to buff skin. The Southern African Burchell's Zebra lacks the stripes on the lower legs and belly and has shadow stripes on the body. Sexes look alike, differ in height.
Height: 140 cm


Adapted to a broad range of grassland and bushveld and tolerant to taller grass and more wooded savanna, this zebra owns its great geographical range.

Burchell's Zebra

A herd of Burchell's Zebras drinking at a waterhole in the Etosha National Park. The unstriped legs and the brownish shadow stripes between the black torso stripes are clearly visible, making Equus Burchelli distingishable from the fully striped Moutain Zebra.

photo: Beate Baron